Thursday, November 20, 2014

Play it for free (Update)

Play some of your long time favorite slot games such as Gladiator Slot, Sizzling Hot, Book of Ra and many more. offers players a new experience and generous welcome deposit bonuses for all online slot machine games. The minimum deposit is around 20 Euros which comes with a 100% match bonus, this simply means that any player that deposits 20 gets a total of 40 to play with at all online slot machine games.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Play the original Gladiator Slot game online

Gladiator Slot is one of those slot machine game that thrive on the popularity of a popular movie or game, such as Gladiator. This slot games uses popular symbols from the movie such as the famous gladiator helmet as well as portraits of the characters which great. This slot game was released back in 2008 when it had a major success quickly  becoming the favorite of many. In this post i would like to tell where this game can be played for free, and which are the right places to play Gladiator Slot game for real money. While there are many sites that offer this game as free flash game the better choice is to play at Stargames or Quasar where you can keep track of your score even when playing Gladiator slot for free. There are some major advantages in playing Gladiator game at StarGames: the game will be available for free, the newest versions will be available. For real money players there's even better news: 100% match bonus up to 200 euros or equivalent. This simply means that if the player deposits 200 Euros he will get 400 to play with.

Play Gladiator Slot at StarGames

Beside Gladiator there are many other popular slot machine games such as Sizzling Hot, Book of Ra, Dolphin Reef, Reel King, Aztec Gold, Ultra Hot and many many others. One of the advantages is of curse the large collection of playable online slot machine games, can even find similar games to Gladiator slots. Playing for real money can work, even tho Gladiator 2 slot game was not meant to be played as a powerful gambling tool, rather than an entertaining one, in this field every players should be satisfied since Gladiator is truly a fun, colorful and entertaining slot game.

Playing this game will definitely feel familiar since there are so many common features to recognize from other slot games such as Sizzling Hot and Book of Ra. Some slot games are mediocre and some are just great, Gladiator qualifies for the second category. There are some features such as Colisseum bonus round and Gladiator bonus round that enrich the game and give it great replay potential.

Some online casinos have reached success thanks to Gladiator slots, there are jackpots given in Gladiator slot game as high as 3,000,000$ which has given great renown to the game. The game uses 5 reels and up to 21 win lines or pay-lines. StarGames is the perfect candidate to play Gladiator deluxe slot machine game at, since it has the higher true welcome bonus, secure transactions, fast and accessible client in 15 languages as well as a great customer support - thing which many online casinos and slot portals lack.

Back in 2008 when Playtech released Gladiator, it raised the bar for online slots. Even to this day, you'll be hard-pressed to find too many online slot games that can compete graphically with the Gladiator slots (there is also a Jackpot version incidentally). You might argue that Playtech's The Mummy looks a bit better but it's not as good to play as Gladiator. In fact, even considering The Mummy, I think Gladiator is the best looking game of all those on the free slots website - just my subjective opinion. Plus, it's a better game.

The key to Gladiator is the free spin feature (isn't it always?). However there is a unique feature here. I say unique rather than innovative because Novomatic's Book Of Ra was the first slot to do this as far as I know. Basically, we are talking about an 'expanding scatter' symbol although in the Gladiator slot you aren't always guaranteed to get it when you hit the free spin feature.

I'll let you discover the expanding scatter for yourself (unless you want a video spoiler) but the Gladiator has other stuff to keep you entertained too. There is what I like to call the 'Helmet' bonus (!) and some fantastic video footage and sound clips. It;'s just a fun game to play.

But like lots of fun games to play, Gladiator can be a bit hard to win big on. Unlike games such as Iron Man 2 you get a lot of smaller wins and big hits are few and far between. You really need 5 Caesar symbols in normal play or the free spin feature with expanding scatter to be friendly if you are going to walk off with anything more than a modest profit.

But what Playtech's Gladiator slots will do is keep you playing for a decent amount of time on a limited budget while keeping it entertaining.